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  • Feasibility support

    Be prepared and take control of risks associated with new sites and redevelopments

    Our feasibility support takes many forms, from being available on the end of a phone to talk through a potential scheme or site, to providing a one page ‘heads up’ summary covering risks associated with ground conditions, environmental liability, flooding or planning conditions. This support isn’t typically something we look to charge for, we see it as a means to help our clients give projects momentum, often when they are bringing together wider feasibility studies themselves; and ultimately we take the view that if we’re useful, people will use us. 

    The value of the input we can provide comes from the breadth of knowledge and experience available within our team, for example if there is potential for significant ground contamination, we actually design, build and operate remedial systems, which means we can provide clear real-life advice on likely timescales and costs, or advise how a remedial strategy could work within a construction phase in order to minimise program delays.

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  • Site assessments

    Comprehensive geoenvironmental ground investigations from desk study to technical risk assessment

    Whether the focus is geotechnical, environmental or both, it’s an investigation so it’s no surprise that the key to a good one is knowing what you are looking for and why. This can only be achieved through good communication, as the drivers behind the objectives will inevitably vary between sites and clients. It is therefore essential that they are clearly understood and continue to be reviewed and refined throughout the process. 

    In our experience, it's all about the conceptual site model - a sound understanding from the outset about what is important and what is not, will set the right course for all parties, and as more information becomes available, we need to be ready to adapt those objectives or scope of works to ensure the most useful and relevant site data is obtained. When an issue is identified with ground conditions or contamination, it's all about risk communication and how to move forward, be that through discussion of foundation options or technical risk assessment or where really necessary, EPS delivering remedial solutions.

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  • Geotechnical Support

    Useful proactive dialogue and support to help you reach the right geotechnical solution

    Our geotechnical investigations provide clear, concise data to allow critical aspects of the development to be designed such as foundations, ground floor slabs, pavement and drainage. We’ll also where necessary comment and provide advice with respect to slope stability, basement and retaining structure design. We know that every site is different and your needs are individual. We pride ourselves on being responsive and we’re always available to have a meaningful discussion one-to-one with our clients. 

    When you talk to us about your project you’ll get a genuine conversation about what the real development constraints might be, gaining meaningful advice on costs, timescales, program or planning risk and, most importantly, what the best potential solutions are.

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  • Remediation

    Design, delivery and verification of soil and groundwater clean up

    When it comes to remedial solutions, you can talk to EPS with confidence. We have extensive experience in the remediation of a huge variety of sites including many petrol stations, old industrial sites, chemical and automotive works, scrap yards and domestic oil spills. So whatever the problem we’ve probably been there and done it.

    However, we live in the real word and recognise that brownfield remediation can be a costly and time consuming process, so the question we always start with is: is remediation actually warranted? By applying a risk based approach and having a clear understanding of the needs and requirements of regulators, we can ensure that the right action is taken to the right level. We design, build, install and operate innovative equipment specific to your site and your needs, which is why we can have those useful conversations right from the outset about cost, timescale and how a treatment strategy might fit around a construction programme so that a development can keep progressing.

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  • Flood risk

    From multi-site screening to full site assessment

    Working throughout the UK, our adaptable team of surveyors, engineers and support staff have provided assessments and solutions to potential flooding issues at hundreds of sites for clients varying from private individuals to supermarkets and regional electricity providers. Having the capability to assess flood risk alongside all other planning considerations at the start of a consultation means we can take account and advise of any special measures needed to protect against flooding early in context with the rest of the project.

    Whether it’s to discharge a planning condition or to plan and protect existing infrastructure against potential floods, we tailor our report formats to meet our client’s needs and preferences. If you have concerns about flooding at your property, need to discharge a condition for a development or just need some advice, give us a call and we can run you through the process and give you the guidance you need.

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