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Assessment of East London brownfield land to enable residential redevelopment

Site Assessments

Combined Phase I and II investigation at a former car repair workshop in an East London residential street highlighted deep made ground, asbestos, lead and PAHs in the soil. EPS investigated the site and supported the client in environmental and geotechnical aspects, as well as the remedial cover system required to ensure the safety of future residents.

Project Site investigation at a former car repair workshop in London’s East End. Proposed to be redeveloped into residential properties with gardens and parking in this high housing demand location.

Nature of site Approx. 0.05ha brownfield site nestled within an established residential area. Deep made ground possibly associated with WW2 bomb crater.

Scope Combined Phase I & II site assessment with 4no boreholes to max depth of 4m. Full set of environmental, waste, and geotechnical sampling undertaken. Interpretive report on findings, calculations for an appropriate cover system, ongoing support including advice regarding barrier pipework.

Client Private developer

Duration of works 1 day

Value £5,000