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UK wide oil storage compliance assessment

Environmental Management & Compliance

A portfolio of 40 depots located across the UK was assessed as part of the project. The work included the development of an environmental risk ranking platform, enabling identification of environmentally sensitive sites and leading to the development of a focused audit schedule. The work was not limited to compliance but also focused on assessment of the client’s liability associated with oil storage, and included evaluation of risks from oils entering drains, site management such as training, procedures and maintenance.

Project: Coordination of audits at 40 active depot sites, including interviews with key staff. Site walkover and assessment of key areas of concern relating to fuel storage and potential fuel loss.

Scope: Environmental risk ranking, compliance audits, production of interactive reporting platform, development of comprehensive corrective action plans for all depots.

Nature of Site: Multiple sites across UK

Client: National Retail Client

Duration: 1 year

Value: £60,000