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Former oil depot shown not to pose an environmental risk

Feasibility Support Site Assessments

Targeted investigation was undertaken at a former oil depot to inform a groundwater risk assessment which successfully demonstrated that the impacts discovered were a result of numerous small scale spills and that the surrounding water environment was not at risk, thereby avoiding a costly remediation scheme.

Project: A former oil depot site due to be redeveloped for housing. Previous phases of work identified diesel in groundwater but with no clear trend or limit to impacts. 

Nature of site: Environmentally sensitive site underlain by a major aquifer with a historic surface water channel running across site to an adjacent river.

Scope: Targeted site investigation drilling additional boreholes within the depot area and through the historic river bed. Groundwater monitoring programme. Qualitative and quantitative assessment.

Client: Private Developer

Duration of works: 6 weeks

Value: £9,000