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UK-wide programme of flood risk assessment works at substations

Flood Risk

EPS has been supporting electricity Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) in their efforts to ensure that their infrastructure is better protected from different types of flooding by assessing  individual substations at risk, enabling the client to risk rank their estate and prioritise investment to high risk sites. Our technology driven, high power demand society calls for a constant and stable power service infrastructure but projects like this are also about ensuring a robust network exists to supply future generations.

Project: 103 electricity substation sites across the UK in need of ranking for flood resilience and resistance requirements.

Nature of site: UK wide coverage of 103 electricity substation sites 

Scope: FRAs with summary flood information evaluating risks from different sources of flooding (rain, rivers, groundwater, sewers, the sea), assessing impact of potential flood scenarios and including a topographic survey. Advice on a range of viable flood protection measures to protect the most vulnerable assets.

Client: UK Distribution Network Operators (DNO) 

Duration of works: 8 weeks

Value: £65,000