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Geotechnical investigation at disused quarry using CPT

Geotechnical Support Site Assessments

EPS assisted a client in fulfilling the pre-planning requirements for a housing development at the site of a former quarry. The investigation evaluated risks to future residents whilst also providing geotechnical information for appropriate foundation design at a site with potentially highly variable ground conditions.

Project: Geotechnical and environmental assessment using window sampler and CPT at the site of a former quarry due to be developed for housing. 

Scope: 11 window sampler boreholes to 5m depth and electronic cone penetration testing (CPT) to profile the characteristics of the deeper fill up to 12m depth. The key objective was to confirm the depth of the capping layer and the potential remaining settlement of the fill.

Nature of site: Former ironstone quarry which had been back-filled, significant consolidation (>1m) had already occurred.

Client: National Housebuilder

Duration of works: 2 weeks

Value: £25,000