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Geotechnical investigation into causes of structural damage of building at former dockland area

Geotechnical Support Site Assessments

A geotechnical investigation into the potential in-ground causes of structural damage to a building concluded the most likely culprit was the poor ground conditions. The building was established to be founded on made ground which was highly variable and EPS' Ground Investigation Report allowed for the insurance company to assess a claim.

Project: Client had significant structural damage including large cracking and movement of internal walls in an office and warehouse building but the cause of the issue was not immediately clear. Prompted by the client’s loss adjuster, an intrusive investigation into the ground conditions and existing foundations was undertaken. Initial assessments into potential causes (such as the consideration of nearby trees and vegetation and their effect on underlying clay soils) had been undertaken and these considerations were used to design EPS' ground investigation. 

Nature of site: Former dockland / heavy industrial area with variable made ground soils in excess of 7m deep.

Scope: 2 boreholes were drilled to identify the extended thickness of made ground. Foundation exposure pits dug to expose existing foundations. Review of previous reports pertaining to possible causes of structural damage and site history also undertaken.

Client: Property Management Company / Insurance Company

Duration of works: 1 day drilling plus reporting

Value: Circa £3k