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Ground investigation to help determine mechanisms for structural damage at industrial unit

Site Assessments Geotechnical Support Due Diligence

Site investigation works at a light industrial warehouse unit helped determine the ground conditions and assess the potential mechanisms for structural damage that had re-appeared at the property. The investigation provided enough assurance to allow the sale of the property to progress.

Project: The client was looking to prepare the property for sale. Some previously repaired cracks in the external walls had begun to re-appear and so it was necessary to investigate the cause of the cracks in order for potential purchasers to understand the implications and progress the sale. EPS was commissioned to investigate ground conditions, whilst other involved parties assessed foundations and surveyed drains.

Nature of site: Light industrial units. Various utilities crossing the site meant hand pitting was essential to avoid damage to buried utilities and to be fully compliant with health and safety policies. Access was limited in places due to existing buildings and structures which required for EPS' compact window sample drilling rig to be used.

Scope: Review of previous phases of works,  drilling window sample boreholes to 6m below ground level, undertaking in-situ strength testing, collection of soil samples for laboratory analysis to create a detailed soil profile and assess desiccation and reporting of findings.

Client: Commercial Property Management and Building Consultancy Firm

Duration of works: 1 day drilling plus reporting

Value: Circa £3,000