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Materials management planning for a large commercial development

Materials Management

This multi-phased project involved intrusive investigations that were tailored to assess underlying soils with the emphasis on understanding their suitability for re-use on site under a Materials Management Plan (MMP). The sustainability of the project was vastly improved by reducing the amount of material sent to landfill, all the while ensuring the material was suitable for reuse to safeguard future site users and the local environment.

Project: Site of a former factory intended for redevelopment into new industrial units. Previous site investigations and remedial strategy/targets developed by others.

Nature of site: A large, derelict site with buried infrastructure including tanks and concrete structures. Complex underlying geology including an infilled river channel and deep made ground.

Scope: Supplementary intrusive investigations to assess quality of underlying soils for re-use under an MMP, comprising 50+ trial pits, testing of stockpiled material, ongoing waste management and earthworks advice, final remediation verification reporting.

Client: National Construction Company

Duration of works: March 2016 - January 2020

Value: £95,000+