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Materials Management Strategy Unlocking a Previously Unviable Scheme

Materials Management Geomatics for Construction & Asset Management

This challenging residential project on the site of former heavy industry near Bradford, West Yorkshire, required EPS to generate a Materials Management Strategy to maximise the re-use of suitable soils through a large re-profiling exercise. A novel approach by EPS resulted in two sets of environmental re-use criteria, one for the shallowest most sensitive soils and another for those less sensitive deeper soils. The resulting earthworks also provided betterment through removal of some significantly contaminated hazardous wastes. This Materials Management Strategy unlocked a previously unviable scheme.

Project: Site of former heavy industry, including dye works and timber treatment.

Nature of site: Derelict site with buried infrastructure including tanks and chimneys.

Scope: Supplementary investigations to assess underlying soils for re-use under a Materials Management Plan, supported by aerial surveying. Development of risk assessment and Remedial Strategy including full regulatory liaison.

Client: National Construction Company

Duration of works: 2018-2020

Value: c.£50,000