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Pre-planning geo-environmental support for large mixed-use city centre development

Site Assessments Geotechnical Support Flood Risk

This is a typical large scale geo-environmental site assessment EPS has undertaken for a client at pre-planning stage to support the discharge of any relevant planning conditions that might be placed upon the development and to aid the design of the most cost effective foundations for the scheme.

Project: An active goods yard to be redeveloped into a large mixed use scheme including a cinema, retail units and apartments.

Scope: Phase I and II environmental assessments and geotechnical investigation comprising 28 boreholes to up to 20m depth; Ground gas monitoring to confirm gas protection requirements; Flood risk assessment.

Nature of site: Complex city centre site in environmentally sensitive setting (geology; shallow groundwater; adjacent river).

Client: National Construction Company

Duration of works: 3 weeks

Value: £20,000