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Time sensitive geotechnical investigation and design

Geotechnical Support Site Assessments

A seemingly straightforward ground investigation turned up complex ground conditions but through extensive Cone Penetration Testing and 3D geotechnical modelling, EPS was able to determine a solid plan to move the development forward. Utilising both piled and raft foundations for different areas of the site, the recommendation was made at an integral part of the development process, thus allowing the client to cost for the unexpected extras and the build to continue on schedule.

Project: A field on the edge of a village, proposed for a development of 50 houses. A previous routine investigation had indicated variable, soft ground conditions so further work was required to enable foundation design.

Scope: Geotechnical investigation comprising 9 CPT boreholes to up to 25m depth, 2 cable percussive boreholes to 22.5m depth; Ground gas monitoring to confirm gas protection requirements; Flood risk assessment.

Nature of site: Agricultural field with complex ground conditions comprising some extremely soft and compressible silts, sands and peat (tidal flat deposits).

Client: Private house builder

Duration of works: 1 week

Value: £9,000