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Corporate Seminar Jan 17

Useful Seminars from Useful People!

After giving it some thought we've decided that putting on talks for other companies is a great way to help your staff  understand some of the more complex issues they might face to do with environmental and geotechnical stuff on site. When we say 'talks' we mean more of an informal seminar type vibe and we'll just open the floor for whatever concerns you most. Obviously we'll cover some of the preliminary stuff but in order for you to benefit the most we think that it can't be too structured.

We've done a few of these and got some great feedback so thought we'd share the love. It wouldn't cost you anything, just an hour of your staff's time. Oh and maybe some biscuits. Or cake. We love cake. 

If you think this would be of interest just send us a topic you might like us to cover to and we can call you back to discuss the potential.