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Design, delivery and verification of soil and groundwater clean up

When it comes to remedial solutions, you can talk to EPS with confidence. We have extensive experience in the remediation of a huge variety of sites including many petrol stations, old industrial sites, chemical and automotive works, scrap yards and domestic oil spills. So whatever the problem we’ve probably been there and done it.

However, we live in the real word and recognise that brownfield remediation can be a costly and time consuming process, so the question we always start with is: is remediation actually warranted? By applying a risk based approach and having a clear understanding of the needs and requirements of regulators, we can ensure that the right action is taken to the right level. We design, build, install and operate innovative equipment specific to your site and your needs, which is why we can have those useful conversations right from the outset about cost, timescale and how a treatment strategy might fit around a construction programme so that a development can keep progressing.

When remediation is required, EPS and sister company Remediation Technologies Ltd can help in managing in-ground risk and keep your project moving on.

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