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Due Diligence

Avoiding environmental risk and capturing opportunities in business transactions

Addressing risks associated with environmental liabilities and future management and sustainability matters is now an integral part of business transactions. We support our clients through this process by performing transactional environmental due diligence (EDD) assessments, tailored to the nature of the business and type of transaction. Calling on experience from a range of acquisition, divestiture, company restructuring and refinancing projects in various industrial & commercial sectors within multi-country jurisdictions, we can provide deal-specific analysis, understanding of materiality conditions and solutions to allow deal completion. Our services can assist through single site property purchases or sales to multi-country evaluations of manufacturing businesses and their supply chains.

Our EDD team can cite extensive experience in the business transaction area, covering services focusing on traditional land and building condition liabilities, environmental and health & safety operational compliance matters and sustainability performance metrics, including consideration of environment, social and governance (ESG) issues.

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