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Environmental Management & Compliance

Solutions oriented compliance and management support

Compliance forms an integral part of environmental management of any facility. The service EPS can offer is orientated towards solutions, and although compliance audits typically can be associated with finding faults, we see them as an opportunity to increase efficiency and safety and future proof sites against potential liability associated with environmental impact. We develop a bespoke approach to undertaking audits often based on site specific sensitivity (or as we call it: risk ranking). This enables us to prioritise sites where leaks etc. can lead to widespread environmental impacts. During our audits we also keep a keen eye on other areas, such as procedures and training, which can be improved upon leading to overall improvement of your facility.

Another form of auditing EPS offers is Environmental Performance Reporting, where we prepare reports based on key environmental performance data. We use the data to calculate carbon emissions per unit of production and establish targets and trends for this and other key environmental performance criteria typically for presentation within company annual reports.

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