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Geomatics for Construction & Asset Management

Aerial Survey, 3D Topographic Mapping & Ground Modelling

Geomatics is a term encompassing a wide range of methods and technologies to collect, manage, and analyse data about the Earth and the phenomena arranged on and near its surface.

EPS is delighted to launch a new capability to assist clients in being ‘one step ahead of the game’ in fast emerging Geomatics technologies offered by drones, high resolution site imagery and highly accurate 3D modelling - compared with traditional techniques.

Aerial surveying is revolutionising industry standards in geospatial data interrogation and is an essential uptake for any business wanting to roll with the innovation curve. But it’s not just fancy tech! Most importantly, it is a proven cost saving ‘tool in the box’ for construction and asset maintenance projects in delivering:

  • Faster, safer Ordnance Survey accurate topographic mapping
  • Dense point cloud data for more accurate earthworks calculations
  • Multiple benefits from just one survey (spatial data, base mapping, inspection footage, marketing material)
  • Above all - an energising and time (therefore cost) efficient way for teams to come together and solution model over a ‘digital site twin'  -  always there if you need to go back to it for further information.

EPS Geomatics Brochure


We are pleased to be offering an array services now – with more to follow from the EPS Geomatics Innovation Hub… watch this space!

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