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Site Assessments

Comprehensive geoenvironmental ground investigations from desk study to technical risk assessment

Whether the focus is geotechnical, environmental or both, it’s an investigation so it’s no surprise that the key to a good one is knowing what you are looking for and why. This can only be achieved through good communication, as the drivers behind the objectives will inevitably vary between sites and clients. It is therefore essential that they are clearly understood and continue to be reviewed and refined throughout the process.

In our experience, it's all about the conceptual site model - a sound understanding from the outset about what is important and what is not, will set the right course for all parties, and as more information becomes available, we need to be ready to adapt those objectives or scope of works to ensure the most useful and relevant site data is obtained. When an issue is identified with ground conditions or contamination, it's all about risk communication and how to move forward, be that through discussion of foundation options or technical risk assessment or where really necessary, EPS delivering remedial solutions.

Case Studies